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Historical Innovative
Company In Nigeria

Starting as low as a simple freelancer we came together and worked together with a single purpose, making client lives better!
Ericfranzee is an initiative purpose-driven firm with the backing of its clients we stand to provide the required resource and innovative technology to compete with the ever-changing reality desired by individuals and business to make life better and easier for you.
    • With Ericfranzee, you don't have to worry about data security.
    • File hosting and availability are maintained by Ericfranzee.
    • We provide top-notch products and support for all our clients.
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About Time Factor

Time! Most Expensive Commodity In Business

The time it takes our customers to wait for job delivery was our intence work around project factor. Waiting weeks on website design or months on e-commerce setup is more costly than the actual project delivery, so we set out and find ways to create systems that instantly create this project for you. You can make sales in less than 24hrs on your shop or showcase your business website in minutes. It was our goal; this is why our clients love us.
“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. -Jim Rohn”
Our Future

improving business
structure for our clients

Our clients are the foundation of our business, so we dedicate ourselves to providing quality projects with explicit features just for you.

Ericfranzee projects was started by Ericfranzee, the ICT head and CEO of Ericfranzee, with the vision of making digital services requests as easy as selling products online. The time spent in design and development of a project, can be used in achieving incredible results in the business activities and management area. We are here to improve the way you do business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to limit design and development time while we improve lives and business structure.

Our Mision

To create a universal online Artificial Intelligence that understands the basic digital needs and provides solutions for you.

Our Desire

To become one with our client by becoming the needed utility in the everyday requirements and fundamental advancement

Learn from our FAQ

Website creation is what we do. Click on the service menu above the screen and click on the website automation button in your preferred category. Now proceed with registration and creation of your desired website.
Automated website designs are a predefined form of web design suitable for a particular nitch. Our On-Click web generator is customized with tons of features already provided for you to switch on and off at your will.
While custom-designed are websites built for a specific purpose with unique abilities to be modified as best suited.
NO! You can not move your auto-created website to a different host or server. But you can contact support for help with new website creation or website extract. you will be presented with options for custom transfer.
Website creation is limitless with Ericfranzee. We do not restrict you on the amount of website creation or application build you intend to have. We offer utmost priority to all our users.
A closed mouth can sometimes be a close destiny, Let us know what we can do for you.
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