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EricFranzee provides three essential services to her local community and elite customers.

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Custom design & Development

Using our project management suite, you can easily request for specific task and project at any time.

Automatic Web Builder

Our unique web builder helps you instantly craft stunning websites using our innovative automatic website generator.

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Eric Franzee is like a digital web agency where

Security and Suport

Ericfranzee securely houses over a thousand websites and data of her customer, and provide support round the clock to her customers.


Other Supplementary Services

We offer other digital services such as consultation, support, marketing, optimization, computing and many more to help your business run smoothly.


Copy Writing

We house few of the best outstanding writers known online, our professional is skilled and diversify to certify your every need in the fields of professional writing.

  • Article And News Writing
  • Documentation And Research Writing
  • Profession Speach And Program Writing

Ads & Marketing

Your business needs people to strive and excel, we bring people to your business by analyzing the market and providing the necessary data or requirements to put you above.


Design & Optimization

From graphic designers, to search engine optimization, we have got you covered. Moderm sleek design and simple optimize pixels trends. Our professionals are here for you.


Security & Maintainance

With over 256-bit encryption on payment security, enveloped firewall and 24/7 monitoring, you are safe with us. We watch over and maintain the services you entrust to us, leaving you with peace of mind.

EricFranzee Essential

EricFranzee  DevelopmentStructure

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EricFranzee Automatic Web Builde

Customizable Websites and Applications

This Service allows user to create thoughtful idea website and mobile applications using professional web developers from EricFranzee staff team. It is as simple as placing and order and getting served in minimum time. 

Predesigned websites and Application

Some users want to do it them self, with EricFranzee template website builder, you can build your websites in minutes. Our web builder is equipped with all the necessary tools you need to build your website. Customization made easy.

Reliable Platform

At any time, at any day, EricFranzee is here for you. You can count on us for all your digital needs. From technical assistance, to developing your dreams.

User Friendly

Whether you are using our website builder or assigning a custom project to our developers, our platform is easy to use and user friendly.

Innovative Creativity

Keeping up with the trend is how your business stays alive. EricFranzee web and app development uses modern technology to make your business stand out

Imagine you want to create a cool online space
fully unique

No More Losing Money

Say goodbye to unnecessary waste of time and money. We are here to help.

Speed and Time Management

Fast Development and Startup

Less cost and Finantial Utilization

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Works with your fav platforms,

Seamless Integration.

With modular integration and diversity of our team you can set task and push projects to EricFranzee from your Favorite platforms


Supercharge your business today

Join us today and experience the power of modem technology in the 21st century.

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